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So you want to create your own Web page?

Then here are some places to go. Everything you need to get started with, you can find at these sites. This is where I went to learn HTML, and make this page. And believe me, if I can do it, you can too! Please keep in mind that there are hundreds of places on the web to find tutorial’s, to learn how to make web pages. I cannot begin to try to list them.
With these links you will find
java scripts = Here is a great site for some A1 Java Scripts
Free HTML editor Homesite version 1.2
Free Color picker HueyFree
HTML:An Interactive Tutorial For Beginners

3D CAFE(tm) by Platinum Pictures

A+ Art Free Clipart Icons Backgrounds Buttons Bars Animate .gifs Photos


Andy’s Art Attack!

AndyArt – Free Buttons

Animated GIFs and Animations at Club Unlimited

Animation Factory – Free animated gifs, clip art, and graphics

ARG! Cartoon Animation Studio

BUILDER.COM – Web graphics – get animated!

Caverns Of Blood Scary Stuff Page

Chami.com Online JPEG Compressor

Cut-N-Paste JavaScript

Dynamic Drive DHTML code library

Embedding Plugins

Four Corners Effective Banners

freepolls.com free polls for your website. Get your free voting booth now! Advertise at low CPM, high clickthrough rates.

Home of Jasc Software, Inc.

How To Use Meta Tags

HREF An HTML Reference

HTML An Interactive Tutorial for Beginners

HTML, cgi scripts and more for the webmaster- for free! BigNoseBird.Com HTML, CGI Scripts and more for the webmaster- for free!

Java Goodies JavaScript Repository

Jelane’s Assorted Web Graphics


MediaBuilder Home Page

netCREATORS Icon Page! – Free Animated GIFs, Clip Art, Backgrounds, Icons, Bars, Cartoons, Free GIF Animations!

Not Just Another Golf Page……

s s a n i m a t i o n . c o m


Sizzling HTML Jalfrezi

The Ball Boutique Free Graphics, Presented by Octagamm Web Design and Hosting

The Banner Generator

The Banner Generator Form

The Buttonpage

The HTML Goodies Home Page – Thanks for stopping by…

The JavaScript Source @ javascriptsource.com

Barrys Clip art

Web page designs by Adam Clark

WebReference.com (sm) – The Webmaster’s Reference Library

Have you ever run into a web page that you could not view the source with a right click?
Well type in the “URL” here and you can see the source files.
Type in a full URL and click “View Source”


View Source
Entering your URL will give you a free analysis of your web site
This Site checker will tell you about how well you do HTML.
It checks your spelling, loading time, link popularity and more.
Web Site Garage
Tune Up Your Web Site Free:

Enter your “URL” here and they will check your
HTML Validity, Browser Compatibility, Link Validator, Spelling, Submit It! Readiness, Popularity, Load Time
All this for Free too!!!!

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