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small eagle If my name Harley Dave is in the Chatroom, it means I am on line, we can now chat. This is better than instant messaging and all the people in the list can talk.
small eagle Accept the download program, about 30 sec. on most machines. After the download, it is instant the next time you come here to chat.

small eagle “Note” Some people will have to use the mouse to press the talk button to chat. Other wise pressing F9 will allow you to talk. F9 does not work on all systems. If you decide to make your own chat room, be sure to click in the white circle first, then type in the room name and be sure to delete the remaing text. Then press the chat word.

Dave’s Chat Board

NOTE: Chat only works with Internet Explorer 4.0 and above
and Netscape 4.0 and above.

Enter a handle or name:
Select a chat room:

Note: You can create your OWN private chat room! Just type in a room name (like private, myroom, etc) in the “make your own Room” field. Then to get others to join, let them know your room name and have them enter it as well. If there are people in your room that you didnt invite, it means you used a room name that is already in use.
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Make your own Room:

Enter a room name
Select a chat room
and click CHAT CHAT
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To see my web cam and chat at the same time,
then click on Cam picture

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