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It’s Saturday, September 30, 2017
Welcome to Harley Dave’s

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Official Daytona bike week event web site
March 2–11 -6057 Days Till Daytona Bike week 2001
Official Biketoberfest event web site
October 19–22 -5825 Days Till Biketoberfest 2001
Official Sturgis event web site
August 7–13 Sturgis main street web cam
The web cam is active all year -5899 Days Till Sturgis 2001
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small eagle First off let me dispel the idea that all Harley riders are long haired, bearded, tattooed, beer guzzling guys and girls to be afraid of. The majority of bikers are responsible people. They have jobs from Hollywood, Lawyers, Doctors and blue collar workers. And I have never met a biker that would not go out of his way to help someone.
small eagle Did you know that Jay Leno from the Tonight show, Wynonna Judd, Alan Jackson and a lot of celebrities ride. It has taken along time to get the illusion of Lee Marvin and Marlan Brando in the movie The Wild One out of everyone’s mind.

small eagle I am a HARLEY rider from the year of our lord Nineteen Hundred And Fifty Nine, That makes me an Old Hawg Jockey, not a Newbie. You will find links here to some very interesting sites.

small eagle This site is devoted to all who ride Harley Davidson motorcycles. My love for Hawgs goes back along way, to the first time I heard one going down the street. As you can see by my links, Harley riders have many things in common with what you might call the real world.

small eagle So grab a beer or soda, get that mouse running and find the Harley girls, Bikes and allot of fun places to go. Come back every chance you get, for there are new things being added all the time.

small eagle See how the weather is for riding in my area
Just click on the weather station !

Click for Jacksonville, Florida Forecast

small eagle Want to look at some Bike Pictures Here they are. Some are of my ride. The others are from a couple of rallys we went to. And I just added Biker Chic’s, sitting on some very impressive machines. small eagle If you are looking for Harley Dealers, parts or just want to look at home pages of other bikers. These Bike Links Will help you in your quest.
small eagle Visit my Web Rings page You can join one or just surf them. You will find alot of bikers home pages. One of the Rings is just to sell or buy bike parts accessories or find what ever you need. small eagle Someone once told me he could look at my hard drive and download all of my files. Take a look at the Hackers Lie and don’t let them fool you with their bull.
small eagle Did you ever wonder what the FLH or FXRS stands for on a Harley Davidson.Then have a look at the Harley Davidson Alphabet If it is the Frame ID numbers that you need then look here for some help. small eagle Everytime I take a ride out of state, I can’t remember what the hell the Helmet Law is for that State.The Helmet laws Is my answer.

small eagle If you are looking for some of the great rest stops to refresh yourself or need something for your bike. And want to find the Cool places to stop on your Way to Daytona. Begin here. small eagle Here is a place to send a motorcycle postcard To all your friends that have never seen one. Just another one of those post card senders, thats a little different.
small eagle “This is just a short story about Three Trees If your life hasn’t turned out the way you thought it would, then read this, for you are not the only one. small eagle I am sure that just about everyone has heard of Jeff Foxworthy and his southern style jokes. If you like that style of one liner jokes. You may read these Redneck Jokes for quite awhile. There are 300 +.
small eagle “Help find a missing child”
“We support the work of the National center for Missing and Exploited Children”�
National center for Missing and Exploited Children small eagle I have added a Chat room for all of you to get together. Where you can talk not just type your messages anymore. The download program, is about 30 sec. or less on most machines. After the download, it is instant the next time you go there to chat. So get with other people, friends and family.

small eagle I have finally completed getting the pictures ready, and uploaded to my site for the Colorado ride I’m slow, but consistent. If you would like to see what kind of country you can enjoy riding to the max, then take a look at these. small eagle I am sure you have heard allot of Funnie sound files on the net. So here are just a few for you to get some laughs on.
small eagle Now if you just want to have some fun playing Blackjack online well here it is. Or how about the old game of Pac Man And as always it’s completely free. small eagle If you are looking for Tire Resources here are some major manufactures sites to look at.
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